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We’re taking healthcare and turning in on its head by leveraging the best health benefits model, AI powered by 30 years of health data, and human decency!

healthy woman smiling in front of a brick wall
healthy woman smiling in front of a brick wall

We solved your healthcare problems

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20-30% cost savings
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Hands-off Admin
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Coverage across the US
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Get stood up in half the time
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Unlimited plan selection
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Professional support
How can we do this... ICHRA

Not your grandma’s health plan

It’s quite simple really.

People should get access to any health plan available, instead of being limited to their employer’s choice.

Venteur’s ICHRA unlocks access to every plan, so individuals can find the one that covers their needs, and still be covered by their employer.

So, why should you care:
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Employees get the best possible coverage that’s just right for them
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Employers save between 20-30% compared to group plans

How does Venteur work?

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Dial in your optimal contribution

Venteur will help you create employee groups to make an equitable plan for all.

Our AI Powered calculator backed by 30 years of healthcare data takes into account location, dependents and plan types available to you and calculates a recommended contribution.

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Prepare you for launch

Collaborate with Venteur to create your unique employee onboarding experience.

We will take care of all of the integrations and implementations. All you need to do is sit back and support your employees.

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Get your employees onboarded

From rollout to reminders, we guide you and your employees through the entire process with clear and engaging communications - ensuring all is insured.

We assure you.

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Get your people their dream plan

Our AI decision-support tool helps employees compare and choose the best plan for their unique situation, so they always get the coverage that provides the best value for their investment.

Once an employee selects the plan that is best for them, the contribution is ready to be spent!

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The Venteur experience is not only effective, it’s enjoyable.

“For the first time, I feel like I have a true partner in providing the benefits our employees want and deserve.”

We gots all the bells and whistles

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Workflows & Integrations
that save time, money,
and headache

Venteur connects with payroll, email,
and payments, eliminating time-consuming tasks and mistakes.

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Communications and onboarding support for real change management

Venteur guided onboarding:

  • Boosts participation
  • Ensures confidence and clarity
  • Amplifies your brand
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A personalized marketplace with top notch professional advisors

No more awkward conversations -
employees can privately :

  • Get customized recommendations
  • Compare and select plans
  • View and manage benefits
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Venteur Certified Brokers
to help your employees
pick the right plan

Our trusted brokers ensure the bestoutcomes for employees and employersby unlocking health savings and providingunrivaled plan options.

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AI powered health plan recommendations for ultimate speed and value

Backed by 30 years of healthcare data, Venteur’s AI helps employees compare and choose the best plan for their unique situation.

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Compliance and reporting because no-duh!

Venteur manages plan administration, reporting, and compliance so you can focus on growing your business

Get better benefits today!

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